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Diploma In Social Media Marketing Online Social Media Course In India

Whether you own a small businesses or are an individual, you can't afford not to be active on social media. Creating a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account keeps you tuned and connected into your customer base and helps drive traffic to your website or store. With our Social media training, learn what it takes to be successful at social media marketing. With our digital and social media strategists get an in-depth analysis about the key terms and definitions and how you can start finding your targeted customers online. Learn how to formulate a plan that outlines your goals and budget, while implementing your ideas.

Online Social Media Marketing Course In India Social Media Marketing Online Course
Social Media Marketing Courses Online
Social Media Marketing Training Courses Online

Course Contents

  • Understand the social media foundations
  • Be able to fully audit their organisation
  • Plan goals and create a vision
  • Build a social media strategy
  • Understand the basics of YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and blogging
  • Use advanced features of the most popular social networks
  • Understand the wide scope of social media
  • Understand the risks of social media
  • Use social media not just for marketing, but for customer services & PR
  • Understand the fundamentals of content marketing
Course Details

Social Media Marketing functions on the principle of Social Media Optimization (SMO), i.e. the improvement of company image on social networks. Learn how SMO attracts new, unique visitors to the targeted website through social media by applying Active and Passive strategy promotions.

Social Media Marketing Training Courses Duration 50 hours [7 weeks]
Social Media Marketing Course Fees Fees: ₹30,000/-

Senior Manager @ Resultrix,
A Performics Company

Key Account Manager @KHELfit

Client Account Manager @ Httpool Malaysia

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2. How much is the fee for this course?

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5. Which social media platforms should my business be present on?

Course Details+

SMM Course Curriculum

Diploma In Social Media Marketing Online Social Media Course In India
Introduction to Social Media+
Why do businesses need Social Media?+
Impact of Social Media+
Social Media Optimization+
Social Media Marketing+
Channels of Social Media and how to gain success by Cross promotion on various channels for your benefit+
Importance of Viral Marketing+
Creating a Blog and the role of Blogs in marketing+
Start multiplying your reach and connect with your target audience on social media.