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Programmatic Advertising Programmatic Buying Training Course In India

Traditional advertising reaches a lot of audiences, but do they reach the right and specific audience for your business? In our Programmatic Advertising training module, you will learn about Programmatic Advertising, which is a more intelligent way to reach to your audiences and get a better ROI.

Programmatic advertising automates digital media buying by using software and algorithms to select buyers based on their online behaviour and purchases. This makes your ad placements become more specific and efficient. You can be exactly where the customer is, instantly.

Programmatic Marketing Certification Programmatic Advertising Classes In India
Programmatic Advertising & Trading Training Course
Paid Programmatic Advertising Course

Course Contents

  • Introduction to programmatic advertising and its importance in digital marketing
  • Programmatic advertising on various social media channels tailored for custom audience
  • Advanced targeting
  • Real time advertising strategies and real time bidding
  • B2B marketing and programmatic ads
  • Using analytics and artificial intelligence
Course Details

Understand an overview of the fundamentals of AI Advertising. We will introduce the key factors in the field and the basics, including Real Time Bidding (RTB), which will lead marketers to optimize growth with efficiency. This course will help you gain better customers suited to your product or service.

Programmatic Advertising Course Duration 50 hours [7 weeks]
Programmatic Advertising Course Fees Fees: ₹30,000/-

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1. What is the qualification of the instructor?

2. How much is the fee for this course?

3. Does this institute provide with a certificate after the completion of the course?

4. Is the certificate provided by this institute recognized in corporates?

5. When is programmatic buying being used?

6. Where is programmatic buying being used?

Course Details+

Programmatic Advertising Course Curriculum

Programmatic Buying Training Course In India Programmatic Advertising Course Online
Understanding machine learning+
Omni channel programmatic approach+
Components of programmatic buying+
Programmatic buying and real time bidding (RTB)+
Understanding target audience behaviour and insights+
Setting goals and targets – Ecommerce+
Creating online campaigns with programmatic buying+
Understanding the growth phases of a programmatic campaign+
Integrating your entire year’s campaigns and optimization techniques+
Start increasing Your ROI by targeting the right audience using AI.