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About the Course

ORM Certification In India ORM Course In India

Our online reputation management module has been curated by industry experts. A brand's reputation is an important part of its global identity. Our Online Reputation Management training module has been designed to understand the fundamentals of ORM and how to protect and or enhance a brand's overall online reputation.

Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management Course
Online Reputation Management Course in India
Online Reputation Management Certification In India

Course Contents

  • Understanding the need for ORM in today's digital business world
  • Analyse the impact that reputation has on achieving organizational objectives
  • Steps for effective online reputation management.
  • Gauging brand sentiments
  • Dealing with negativity / crises management
  • Tools for ORM
  • Case Studies
  • Customer Feedback - Converting negative reviews to positive reviews
Course Details

What we post on the internet, remains for ever. Therefore, what you or anyone else post online about your business defines your business’s online reputation. In this course, our experts will teach you how to balance your posts in terms of tone, timing, the audience you want to reach and various social mediums. Along with how to track what your audience is saying about you and your business.

Online Reputation Management Course Duration 50 hours [7 weeks]
Online Reputation Management Course Fees Fees: ₹30,000/-

Manager - Content & Communication @Edelweiss Financial Services

1. Why is online reputation management necessary?

2. Is it possible to know the identity of an anonymous poster?

3. How should I reply to negative information posted about me that is true?

4. How can this course help me?

5. What is the qualification of the instructor?

6. How much is the fee for this course?

7. Does this institute provide with a certificate after the completion of the course?

8. Is the certificate provided by this institute recognized in corporates?

Course Details+

ORM Course Curriculum

Online Reputation Management Course in India Online Reputation Management Certification In India
What is reputation? Why does it matter to an organization?+
Managing reputation: Who is reponsible? How does it fit into business/organizational objectives?+
Media & influence on reputation. How organizations use social media?+
Reputatin and the global audience+
Managing issues+
Crisis communication and the effect on reputation+
Measuring reputation with the appropriate tools+
Corporate citizens - beyond philanthropy+
Audience always matters -tailoring a universal message to specialized audiences+
Communicating within your organization+
Start enhancing your digital reputation today.