May the Internet be with You!

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May the Internet be with You!

The Internet is like the male ego – affects a wide audience and has high influencing power. In a world where brand value and audience connection are everything, every brand is clamoring to show what it stands for. The Internet provides the perfect platform to deliver a strong message. We see the embodiment of this entire aspect easily with Disney’s latest marketing gimmick for the latest movie, The Lion King. We’ve all grown up with Disney in different forms. So, it’s only fair to understand why Disney wants to reach out to the maximum audience it can, in the fastest way possible. Enter the Internet! 25 years ago, when young Simba first made it to the silver screen, Disney might not have had any skin in the game of protecting lions. But, as it’s true with every male ego, Disney today has taken an about turn and shown a concern about the dwindling number of lions through a cleverly executed ad. While the authenticity of the concern is still questionable, the emotional factor of the ad has touched millions thanks to the easy ability to reach and share across the Internet.

The internet provides this sounding horn to every brand ready to take advantage of it. Charulata Patel would never have thought she could achieve stardom at 87, but thanks to the worldwide web, Pepsi, and of course, her own unmistakable “swag”, her social media ratings may not be the only ratings to shoot through the roof this week, as she goes on her TV debut.

Media is no longer restricted to waiting for a paper boy in the wee hours of the morning; or staying glued to an idiot box with the fear of turning into a couch potato. Media today can travel wherever you go – be it the busy office where your boss and your colleague are both screaming at you to reach two separate deadlines, both of which were yesterday; or the beach bar on the quiet side of town where you relax with an umbrella drink and the perfect sunset. That’s what the internet brings to the table – the ability to keep every person connected at all times. With that comes the opportunity for every brand to show their mad marketing skills. While Pepsi and Disney are well-planned and executed ad campaigns, we see even viral-worthy impromptu work with Zomato India’s most recent Twitter conversation. One unexpected tweet from the Zomato social media team fueled a line of responses and witty comebacks from other brands trying to top the initial one from Zomato. One of the many conversations to be appreciated by the Twitterverse, the Internet once again proved its mettle.

So, get with the marketing geniuses of the world and get on the web bandwagon of brand building. May the Internet be with you!

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