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Have You Tried Twitter Advertising Yet?

Twitter is slowly getting into the groove with social advertising, challenging existing social advertisers like Facebook and LinkedIn. While LinkedIn has clearly positioned itself as an ad model to target the elite and B2B decision makers, Facebook seems to be a favorite with FMCG and retail brands. The position that Twitter aims to take is […]

Create Your Brand’s Own Social Circle with ‘Targeted Status Updates’

Yesterday, I had written about New Statistics for Company Pages rolled out by LinkedIn. LinkedIn has taken another huge step forward by introducing the concept of ‘Targeted Status Updates’. This content originally posted at takes a look at what this is all about and how we as marketers can benefit from this. Previously, if you had ‘N’ […]

Can LinkedIn Help You with Your Marketing?

I am always asked this question “How can LinkedIn help with marketing?” from clients, subordinates and even my bosses. If you follow the below mentioned power points, LinkedIn can do wonders for your business. Optimize your LinkedIn profile – Chances are when people are looking to buy products/services, they might just stumble upon your profile. A […]

Revealing the World of Twitter Analytics

Before I start writing on Twitter Analytics, I would like to bust a myth – “Twitter analytics is only available for accounts that have advertised on Twitter.” That statement is not true. Twitter is slowly rolling out its own analytics dashboard to a handful of Twitter users. Here’s a sneak peek into Twitter’s very own […]

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Statistics for Company Pages

As a social media marketer, if you have worked on LinkedIn, you often feel belittled by the lack of statistics offered for company pages especially when you compare it to Facebook brand pages. However, LinkedIn rolled out a surprise for company page admins this morning and now there are some really cool metrics that marketers […]

Why Your Customer Testimonials Are NOT Working!

Why Your Testimonials Are NOT Increasing Your Conversions As marketers we understand the power of social proof. We use it every day in our marketing materials to build trust with potential customers and convince them to buy. Examples of social proof include: Case studies Recognizable company logos Vanity metrics Customer testimonials Customer testimonials are an […]

How to Create a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog With Your Domain Name

I have been blogging for quite some time now. During this period, I have set up a lot of blogs which were Self-Hosted WordPress Blog. Some of them succeeded and some went down the drain though I learned a lot from them. A lot of people have asked me to publish a comprehensive guide to […]

9 Google Adwords Mistakes Which You May Make & Kill Your Campaigns

Taking a campaign to its excellence, where the click-through rate, cost per conversion and no. of conversions can be termed as awesome, is a dream for every digital marketing professional. Well, no matter how we fetish over campaign perfection, there is a huge probability that we may end up making few common Google Adwords mistakes […]

How to Handpick the Ideal Audience for Your Next Content

As more and more consumers are opting to breathe in online space, every brand should also bump into where their audiences are heading. We’re seeing brands of all sizes and forms struggle with the online media evolution. The new online advancement comprises of more complex, over-and-above collaboration, up-and-coming buying behaviors. Unfortunately, some brands have been […]